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Monthly meeting with performance reviews in Nest 8


MEETING. Nest 8 held their monthly meeting on 11 October, which this month included a report from Der Dritte Weg’s demonstration in Berlin, and a performance review activity.

Nest 8’s activists and members met on a cold but sunny day in beautiful scenic surroundings to hold their monthly meeting on Sunday, 11 October. On account of the demonstration in Germany the previous Sunday, the meeting was put back a week later than usual. The attendance wasn’t at 100% this time, as some of the comrades were ill.

The chilly Resistance men were soon thawed out by the welcome fika, which offered a selection of freshly baked cakes served by the organiser group.

The fika trolley ready to be rolled out

The first item on the agenda was a presentation by the group chief for group 801, which included a slideshow from the activists’ visit to Berlin the previous weekend. The photos shown were not from the demonstration itself (they can be seen here), but from the rest of the visit. The audience got a great insight into the German city and witnessed traces of past greatness, as well as signs of today’s occupation, chaos and decay. Moreover, they saw how the struggle for a better future is being waged by proud nationalist socialists in the city. The attendees were also able follow the activities and escapades in Germany before and after the demonstration.

The activists had a long and intensive weekend in Berlin

A good hearty meal was followed by individual performance reviews between activists and members and their respective group chiefs. Besides giving the Resistance men an opportunity to follow up on their activist work with their immediate superior, the exercise also afforded great scope for socialising with comrades, which was appreciated. A central theme for the day’s discussions was the different ways to serve the organisation and its objectives. The group chiefs later reported that they were very satisfied with the conversations and felt they got to know the comrades better and learned even more about their activism and its role in the Nest’s operations.

The library was visited extensively during the performance reviews

The monthly meeting itself provided a review of a month filled with basic activism, study circles, martial arts training, outdoors activities and – last but not least – a very successful and much-publicised public activity in Norrköping on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

Activists inform people about the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur

Interested readers will be able to follow the Nest’s continued activity here on nordicresistancemovement.org.