Widespread activism across Sweden – Boycott the terrorist state!

ACTIVISM. Israeli and Zionist products have been marked with stickers in almost a hundred stores across Sweden. Earlier this month, the Swedish radio show P4...

Video from action against Zionism in Stockholm

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A Resistance Media video from the successful day of action in the Swedish capital. We also previously published a written report from the...

Photo report from day of struggle against Zionism in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Photo report from October's public activity, with images from the Resistance Movement's photographers. Written report: Anti-Zionist day of struggle in Stockholm

Anti-Zionist day of struggle in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement was in the Swedish capital on 14 October to conduct several activities against Israel and Zionism. The comrades met in the...

Continued activism against Israel across the Nordic countries

ACTIVISM. In response to the ongoing armed conflict in the Middle East, several actions against the terrorist state of Israel were conducted last weekend. The...

The Resistance Movement crash traitors’ Zionist lovefest

ACTIVISM. On 10 October, a demonstration was held in Stockholm in support of the terrorist state of Israel. Sweden’s Nest 1 counter-demonstrated. Following the Hamas-led...

Video from flash demonstration in Uppsala

ACTIVISM. Resistance Media's professional video from the successful action in Uppsala, Sweden. Related: https://nordicresistancemovement.org/the-resistance-movement-own-the-streets-of-uppsala/ https://nordicresistancemovement.org/photo-report-flash-demonstration-in-uppsala/

Photo report: Flash demonstration in Uppsala

ACTIVISM. We present a photo report from the recent successful demonstration in Sweden's fourth-largest city.

The Resistance Movement own the streets of Uppsala

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted a successful activity in the university city of Uppsala on 23 September. Below is a detailed report. The comrades...

Protest action against “pride” event in Nässjö

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 stood up for the family in Nässjö. Comrades from Nest 7 met on Saturday to conduct a protest action against a...


Covid-19 vaccine passport

No to vaccine passports for Covid-19!

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement details the organisation’s position on Covid-19 vaccine passports. On 1 December, vaccine passports were officially introduced in...

Resistance Movement 3.0

A New Mentality

A United North