Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Silkeborg, Denmarkvideo

Public activity in Silkeborg

ACTIVISM. Danish Resistance Movement activists recently held a public action in Silkeborg. Activists from Nest 1 braved the weather and carried out a public action...
Nordic Resistance Movement election activism, Ludvika, Sweden

Week of revolutionary election activism in Sweden’s Nest 5

ACTIVISM. Nest 5 arranged an open lecture event and conducted intensive activism on the streets in the last week before the election. Saturday, a week...
Nordic Resistance Movement "Throw Out the Traitors" action, Stockholm

Action outside Swedish Parliament: “Throw Out the Traitors”

ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 were in central Stockholm again last week to conduct street activism. The first stop was the Riksdag, where the...
Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden

Public actions in central Stockholm and Södertälje

ACTIVISM. Members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement held two highly successful public leaflet distributions in Nest 1’s area of operations on Saturday...
Nordic Resistance Movement election activity, Vetlanda

Election activism in Vetlanda and Jönköping

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted prolific activism in the cities of Vetlanda and Jönköping last weekend. Resistance activists were in Jönköping on Thursday to visit...
Nordic Resistance Movement election activism in Örkelljunga, Sweden

Election campaign in Örkelljunga continues at full speed

ACTIVISM. Activists in Scania held a full day of activism in Örkelljunga ahead of the Swedish elections on 11 September. National Socialist music echoed through...
Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Swedenvideo

The Nordic Resistance Movement VS the Left Party in Munkedal

ACTIVISM. The Left Party planned to demonstrate against the Nordic Resistance Movement in Munkedal, but the Resistance Movement stole the Left Party’s intended venue...
Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting, Stockholm

Day of activism in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 conducted a full day of activism in the capital on Saturday, 20 August. The day began early in the...
Nordic Resistance Movement activists on a boat action in Jönköping, Sweden

Election struggle in Småland: Boat activism in Jönköping and car cruising in Vetlanda

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted two actions in two different cities on 20 August – one spectacular and one a little more conventional. In Jönköping,...
"No Paedophiles on Sweden's Streets" banner, Stockholm, Sweden

“No Paedophiles on Sweden’s Streets” – Large banner campaign in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. The first week of August saw the beginning of Stockholm Pride. Sweden’s Nest 1 marked the occasion with a large banner campaign in...


Tommie Lindh

The gutter press and the murder of Tommie Lindh

TOMMIE LINDH. Robert Eklund comments on the murder of Tommie Lindh and the reaction by the media. In the early morning of the 10th of...

Back to the Trenches

National Socialist handshake

“My honour is loyalty”

Soldiers in rows

Military discipline