Pär Sjögren Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament winnervideo

Boxing tournament champion – Interview with Pär Sjögren

ORGANISATION DAYS. A video interview with the winner of the boxing tournament at Organisation Days 2021, Pär Sjögren.  One of the highlights of this year's...
Simon Lindberg speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2021

Organisation Days 2021 photo report

ORGANISATION DAYS. A selection of photos from Organisation Days 2021, taken by the Resistance Movement's skilled photographers. Read the report from Organisation Days here: Organisation...
Flag bearers at the Nordic Resistance Movement's Organisation Days 2021

Organisation Days 2021

ORGANISATION DAYS. “Victory in the election” was the slogan at this year’s edition of Organisation Days, which was held in Småland, Sweden. Education, speeches...
Nordic Days 2021 jogging

Nordic Days 2021: Fighting spirit and comradeship in a time of transition

NORDIC DAYS. Kristoffer Boström presents a personal report from his attendance at this year's Nordic Days, including a detailed account of the speeches held...
Nordic Days 2021 rugby

Photos from Nordic Days 2021

NORDIC DAYS. We present some more images from the Resistance Movement's photographers at Nordic Days 2021.
Nordic Days 2021 Fredrik Vejdelandvideo

Nordic Days 2021

NORDIC DAYS. The Resistance Movement presents a report and video from this year's Nordic Days.  On the weekend starting Saturday, 14 August, members and supporters...
White Lives Matter banner action, Finspång, Sweden

White Lives Matter – Get active on Indigenous People’s Day 2021!

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement will be engaging in activism to help mark Indigenous People’s Day in August, and we are encouraging...
NRM day of action, Jönköping, Swedenvideo

Video and photos from the Resistance Movement’s nationwide town square meetings – “Self-defence is...

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement held public actions in six different locations on Saturday, 3 July under the banner "Self-defence is a natural...
NRM day of action, Jönköping, Sweden

“Self-defence is a natural right!” – Town square speeches across Sweden

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement held town square meetings and speeches across Sweden on Saturday, 3 July to encourage the people to unite and...
The Nordic Resistance Movement honouring the fallen in 2021video

The Day of the Fallen 2021

MEMORIAL. On Sunday, 16 May – the Day of the Fallen – the Nordic Resistance Movement honoured the soldiers who died fighting in Finland...


What we do in life echoes in eternity - Nordic Resistance Movement

Affirmation through materialism – or through your actions?

IDEOLOGY. The activist Jerry Olsson writes about people’s imprisonment in materialism and how National Socialism can free the individual and subsequently the whole population...

What is fascism?

Nordic Resistance Movement marchers on May Day 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden

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