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Nationalist solidarity triumphs: 100,000 kronor raised for Freddy Nerman!


SOLIDARITY. Nationalist solidarity has triumphed over anti-Nordic forces and the corrupt banking system. As of Sunday evening, Nordfront confirmed that over 100,000 kronor (approx. $10,500) had been raised for Freddy Nerman after his house was burned down in a suspected arson attack.

Freddy Nerman campaign
“Support Nerman – 100,000 kronor raised”

Last weekend a collection was started in support of Freddy Nerman, whose house was burned down in what police are investigating as an arson attack and which was almost certainly politically motivated.

Many showed solidarity with Nerman and donated money straight away, but many more waited to contribute after payday at the end of the month. However, as Nordfront reported, Freddy’s bank Sparbanken Syd chose to effectively support the arson attack by closing down Freddy’s bank account and Swish account the Monday after the fundraiser began.

The Nordic Resistance Movement responded by ensuring a new Swish number was set up to continue the collection. Freddy subsequently appeared on Radio Nordfront on Sunday evening and spoke more about the suspected arson and how he had been treated by his bank.

The hosts of the show also played a recording of a call Pär Öberg made to Sparbanken Syd, in which he tried to persuade them to at least open Nerman’s account so he could buy food and clothes. But Sparbanken Syd were extremely unhelpful and just referred Pär to a shady security department at their head office in Stockholm that only communicates by snail mail.

During the broadcast many listeners gave generous contributions to Freddy, and on Sunday evening Nordfront announced the goal of 100,000 kronor had been met.

Freddy expressed immense gratitude to everyone who supported him via the fundraiser and in other ways since his house burned down:

“A big thank you to everyone for the money, clothes, lodgings and food I was given. I’ll see you in Uppsala,” he said, referring to the upcoming 1st May demonstration in the city.

Nordfront reports that the Swish collection is now over, but people can still donate cash to Freddy via post at the below address:

Box 52
77222 Grängesberg

Please include a note with “Nerman” written on it.