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Trial of Nest 3 activists in Lund


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last week the trial of seven Nordic Resistance Movement activists from Nest 3 began. The activists were charged after defending themselves against left-wing extremists in an incident in Lund, southern Sweden, last year.

On 26th May the Lund Trials began, one year after the tumultuous action in Lund, Skåne, when a group of leftists who disrupted the Resistance Movement’s public activity were confronted.

Flashback to 1st June 2019

On the 1st June 2019 left-wing extremists gathered to try to disrupt the Resistance Movement’s activists at a public leaflet distribution in the city of Lund. The leafleting went well, and it wasn’t until afterwards that the disturbance occurred. As the activists were leaving, the left-wing extremists followed obtrusively behind them while screaming into a megaphone. When the activists reached Bantorget square and the confrontations arose, the Resistance Men defended themselves against the group of left-extremists, which was three times larger than their own. In a panic, the leftists both fought and fled. The incident was covered extensively in the lying press, as well as being praised by nationalists who were tired of free-speech-hating Cultural Marxists.

One of the so-called “counter-demonstrators” described the incident in the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper:

“I saw a person get wrestled to the ground, and another pulled by the hair,” said a witness, who was in the counter-demonstration but retreated when the confrontation occurred.

“I was terrified.”

Now, one year later, the incident is in the news again, with seven Resistance Movement activists accused of assault and attempted violence against officials. In connection with the trial, the media establishment has taken the opportunity to agitate against the Resistance men in its newspapers. The Bonnier newspaper Expressen published the names and photos of the activists even though they have not yet been convicted, which was reported on by Nordfront.

In response to Expressen’s questions, the Resistance Movement’s spokesman and activist Sebastian Elofsson gave the following comment:

The activists who stand accused, including myself, acted in self-defence against a gathering of left-wing extremists. A threatening situation arose and we acted accordingly. Even if the court claims something else, we still stand by our actions.

The whole trial is absurd. It’s a show trial against political opposition arranged by a state that murders its own people through mass immigration and multiculturalism.

During all three days of the trial – the 26th, 28th and 29th May – the police presence was extremely high, with patrol police, riot police on horseback, drones and police helicopters.

In addition to the activists, journalists and police, there were also quite a few left-extremists who showed up both inside and outside the court. Among them was the bed-wetter and Antifa clown Showan Shattak, who sat at a safe distance behind guards and police. Several other Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) sympathisers and left-extremists, such as Victor Pressfeldt, were also in the courtroom exhibiting their usual hypocrisy.

When the proceedings began and all the defendants and plaintiffs were present, one thing stood out very clearly – the contrast between the two camps. On one side sat the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activists, and on the other side was one of southern Sweden’s most degenerate and pitiful-looking collections of individuals, both physically and mentally. One of their number was the “doctoral student” Mikael Mery Karlsson, who, according to his own statements, sat in the foetal position and cried weeks after the incident.

Throughout the entire trial, the prosecutor tried to make out that there had been no threat towards the activists on the 1st of June and therefore no reason for them to defend themselves. However, when the question was asked as to why there was such a large police presence around the trial if there was no threat posed to the activists, no answer was given.

All of the activists were satisfied with their respective defence lawyers, who did a good job throughout the whole trial. In a healthy society governed by rule of law, the majority of the charges would have been dropped, or never brought in the first place. But in a sick society, where the state doesn’t just murder its own people but also suppresses and imposes widespread reprisals against everyone who opposes this genocide, the legal system will not take into consideration the specific events and what actually happened, but will instead attempt to convict its political enemies.

As such it’s important to remember that, regardless of what the court rules, that this case isn’t just about convicting individuals but also about convicting the Nordic Resistance Movement as an organisation.

The activists will naturally appeal the decision if they are found guilty, and nordicresistancemovement.org will continue to keep readers updated on proceedings.

Sebastian Elofsson concludes with this message:

The sentencing isn’t due for two weeks, but it’s already clear that a political judgement awaits us. Both the police and the prosecutor have portrayed the tumult on Bantorget as an attack by the Resistance Movement’s activists on a group of innocent people with no political connection to each other whatsoever. This is despite the fact that it was established during the hearings that several of the plaintiffs are engaged in the anti-Swedish Young Left (Ung Vänster) and have clear connections to the left-wing extremist terrorist organisation Anti-Fascist Action.

The entire case is a show trial by the anti-Swedish system, directed against the Nordic Resistance Movement in its capacity as political opposition. They want to break the activists’ will to fight via prison sentences and large fines.

But we will continue to fight for our people’s survival and freedom against the representatives and advocates of this sick society, where rapes, brutal murders, deadly shootings and explosions are everyday occurrences. We will not give a millimetre to this state that murders and defiles its own people.

We will continue the struggle against the folk traitors in the Riksdag and the government until victory is won and our people can once again live proudly and freely in a society without multiculturalism, gang crime and corruption.