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The best photos of 2023


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance Media briefly summarises 2023 in images.

The following is not a complete illustration of the year of struggle 2023, but rather an anecdotal pictorial report. An incredible amount happened under the Tyr Rune last year, and it is impossible to show every fantastic image in one place.


A winter-bathing propaganda chief and podcast star in the Lule River at the beginning of February. The thermometer read -20°C. “Weren’t you cold?” he was asked. “Yes,” he replied.

From the No to Nato demonstration, taken at dusk. A challenging shot for a photographer.


A roaring Anders Gudmarsson during the boxing match against Pär Sjögren at Organisation Days. As the monks at Lindisfarne said, “From the fury of the Northmen, save us, Lord.”


Sundsvall’s undesirable leftists used the last of their welfare money to donate anti-White books to the Resistance men on 1 May. The reason for this was unclear, but the comrades didn’t complain and put the books to good use.


Andreas Holmvall with flag on Skierfe mountain in Sarek, with a view over Rapa Valley. Incredible image.


Joakim Kannisto was equal parts Resistance man and rock star at the Västerås Summer Meet. Invectives about being an evil Nazi have rarely felt so out of place.


Hatred rages in the eyes of a homosexual when he is questioned about his lifestyle. From the Resistance Movement’s day of struggle at Stockholm Pride.


Epic photo of a masked Resistance man at the flash demonstration in Uppsala.

Anders Gudmarsson gives a speech in Uppsala.


People from countries that traditionally perform poorly at winter sports also tend to lack an innate sense of personal space. Here, an activist patiently demonstrates what happens when you get too close to a banner. From the flash demonstration in Västerås.