Kohti vapautta 2018! – You are invited

Norden Media have released a video invitation to the National Socialist “Kohti vapautta” (Towards Freedom) march taking place in Helsinki on 6 December 2018,...

A message from Finland: “We cannot be silenced!”

A video message by the banned Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been uploaded to YouTube. The video was uploaded on 28...
A Nordic Resistance Movement activist talks with a member of the public in Gothenburgvideo

Leafleting and confrontations in Gothenburg

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists from Nest 2 held a public leafleting session in central Gothenburg on Saturday, 24 November. Despite the cold weather, numerous...
Nordic Resistance Movement members on a walking tour in Swedish woodland

Woodland walking tour – Activist Group 106

NATURE. On Saturday 24 November, Activist Group 106 enjoyed a woodland walking tour in the Uppland wilderness. The weather was excellent, with sun and...
Nordic Resistance Movement posters in support of the Finnish branch of the organisation in Copenhagen

Danish activists support the Finnish Resistance

ACTIVISM. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement have carried out several activities in support of the banned Finnish branch of the Resistance...

Nordic activists attend Der Dritte Weg march in Germany

EVENT. On Saturday 17 November, a delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement attended the Heroes’ Remembrance march in Wunsiedel, Germany, organised by Der Dritte...

Finns advertise with neon letters

ACTIVISM. Finnish Nordic Resistance Movement activists advertise the branch’s website in Helsinki. 

Interview with Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson

INTERVIEW. Read Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson’s recent interview with the Spanish National Socialist website Herrenblut. Topics discussed include how Andreas came to be...

Nest 2 outdoors activity

ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Nest 2 recently spent a weekend at Kinnekulle mountain Västergötland, where they held classes in various outdoor skills, including...

Nordic Resistance Movement marches in Nyköping

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement held a spontaneous flash demonstration in Nyköping, Sweden, yesterday. Due to previous poor police handling of the Movement’s public activities,...


Everyone is needed in the struggle

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about membership, folk community and why all of our people are needed in the struggle. There...
Rob Rundo with Antifa banner

Healthy activist culture

Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?