Leafleting in Middelfart on the island of Fyn

ACTIVISM. Nest 1 in Denmark took to the streets of Middelfart on the island of Fyn. Activists arrived Saturday morning to Middelfart on the island...

Woodland hiking in Småland

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Woodland hiking and martial arts training in Nest 7. On Saturday 25th April, Nest 7 held a challenging 7.5-mile forest hike, with all...
Night time activism in Uddevalla, Swedenvideo

Night-time activism in Uddevalla

ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden’s Nest 2 conducted several activities in central Uddevalla during the late hours of 14 April. The night’s activism consisted of decal...

Andreas Johansson on The Minority Report 2.0

INTERVIEW. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appears on The Minority Report 2.0 to discuss all things Nordic Resistance Movement.

Nest 2 outdoors activity

ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Nest 2 recently spent a weekend at Kinnekulle mountain Västergötland, where they held classes in various outdoor skills, including...

Canoeing and camping in Nest 7

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Activists in Småland enjoy a canoeing and camping excursion in the countryside. On Saturday 13th June, comrades from Nest 7 met for a...
"No to LGBT Propaganda" action, Hobro, Denmarkvideo

Actions against the homo lobby in Denmark

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Denmark have begun a series of actions against the homo lobby and its propaganda in connection with the...


Do women belong in the struggle?

IDEOLOGY. Sweden’s first female party leader was Vera Oredsson, living proof that women are needed in the struggle and can contribute to the nationalist...

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