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The Year of Struggle 2020 – Sweden


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The compilation of all the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activities in 2020 in Sweden is finally complete. What were the most memorable actions and which municipalities topped the list as the most active?

The Nordic Resistance Movement in 2020

2020 was a very different year, both for the Nordic people and their advocates in the Nordic Resistance Movement. The system’s restrictions and the people’s fear of the virus meant that the organisation needed to adapt its activities. For example, 2020 was the first year since 2015 when no major announced demonstration was organised, and fewer public actions were carried out than usual on the streets and squares. Instead, more focus was placed on other important parts of the struggle, such as wilderness activities, martial arts training and so-called “desktop Nazism”.

Don’t get me wrong – there have been demonstrations, and public actions have still taken place about 1.5 times a week during the year, either in the form of leaflet distributions or banner actions from bridges. This is by no means a bad number, but it’s lower than it has been in recent years.

During 2020, a total of 1,439 action reports were submitted. This includes the major activities reported as separate articles instead of action reports, and takes into account the fact that some of the action reports contain several activities – meaning the total number of actions performed and reported during the year is close to 2,000.

This made the Nordic Resistance Movement by far the most active nationalist organisation in Sweden during 2020!

The activities were conducted in 172 different municipalities, and in almost half of these, activism was regular during the year.

In addition, the Nordic Resistance Movement also carried out close to 1,000 activities in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Nordic Resistance Movement 2020 activities collage

Where have we been most active?

The 20 most active municipalities in Sweden in 2020, primarily in terms of quantity, but also with some regard to quality, were, in the following order:

1. Stockholm

2. Norrköping

3. Gothenburg

4. Karlstad

5. Luleå

6. Gislaved

7. Borås

8. Vetlanda

9. Örebro

10. Jönköping

11. Uddevalla

12. Ludvika

13. Eskilstuna

14. Mark

15. Borlänge

16. Linköping

17. Kristianstad

18. Kristinehamn

19. Varberg

20. Vänersborg

A big congratulations to our energetic members in the capital who made Stockholm Sweden’s most active municipality for the first time since 2016! Well done also to the comrades in Norrköping, who climb from last year’s fourth place to an honourable second place this year; and Gothenburg, which climbs to third place. Karlstad, which hasn’t been on the list since 2016, has shot up to fourth place after much growth. Luleå remains one of the country’s most active municipalities, this year in fifth place. Gislaved also climbs significantly on the list from last year; and from Nest 7 we also find Vetlanda and Jönköping, who make it into the top ten. Borås retains its seventh place from last year, and in place nine we find another newcomer in the form of Örebro.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all sympathisers, members and activists who contributed to the work of the daily struggle in these municipalities. You should be really proud to have your home municipalities represented on this illustrious list!

Nordic Resistance Movement activities collage 2020

The most memorable things of the year

Another incredibly renowned list is the one in which I annually rank the 20 most memorable things from the year from a Swedish perspective. Here is the list for 2020:

1. 1 May and the banner at LO headquarters

In lieu of a large demonstration, a different tribute to the Nordic worker took place on 1 May, 2020. We aired a live radio broadcast with the Swedish National Council, where speeches by myself, Jimmy Thunlind and Vera Oredsson were played.

Activism was also conducted via posters, banners and barricading actions in more than 30 different Nordic towns and cities on the day. In addition, one of the greatest actions of the year was performed, when activists dressed as construction workers scaled the LO trade union headquarters in Stockholm in broad daylight and put up a banner with the text “Workers of the Nordic countries unite”. Interestingly, it was a message that LO distanced themselves from and reported to the police.

2. The Resistance Movement celebrate Yom Kippur with pomp and circumstance

The question arose at a national meeting as to how we could contribute to Jewish society in the Nordic countries, and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to take part in celebrating one of the Jews’ holiest holidays, Yom Kippur.

With the decision made, we set off to do our bit by spreading information about Yom Kippur, Kosher slaughter, circumcision and various appropriate quotes from the Jews’ own holy scriptures to people all over the Nordics. Leaflets and posters were distributed in over 20 towns and cities, and several public actions were held, both on streets and squares and outside the synagogues in Oslo and Norrköping. The whole pan-Nordic campaign generated a lot of media attention.

Nordic Resistance Movement Yom Kippur activism

3. Flash demonstration in Örebro: White Lives Matter

With no advance announcement and under the greatest possible secrecy, 50 activists gathered in central Örebro to hold what was probably the year’s most successful public action. The Corona restrictions at the time allowed for a maximum of 50 people to assemble, and as we considered that number sufficient to own Örebro and conduct a worthy flash demonstration on the White Lives Matter theme, it was decided not to take the risk of violating the Communicable Diseases Act.

A march took place through central parts of the city and ended with a speech on Våghus Square. Due to the excellent level of confidentiality, the operation could be carried out without either police harassment or screaming reds.

White Lives Matter demonstration, Örebro, Sweden

This was the second time a speech took place in Örebro under the banner of White Lives Matter, with a town square rally also being held there earlier in the year. A great deal of other activism was also conducted throughout the Nordic countries during the year with this important message at its core.

4. Folk Community in practice

Goodwill actions have been undertaken by the Resistance Movement for many years, and 2020 was no exception. Being there for the people when the system fails them is an example of the folk community and National Socialism in practice.

Throughout the year, security patrols were held on special occasions in unsafe neighbourhoods, such as in central Östersund after a high-profile rape, and in the immigrant-heavy area of Hasselbacken in Stenungsund. Another example of this type of activity was the waste redistribution operation in Norrtälje, which saw nature cleaned of rubbish that was then left outside the town hall.

However, the best actions in this category from 2020 were to be found outside of Sweden. In central Oslo, comrades distributed Christmas presents in the form of warm clothes to needy Norwegians; and in Aarhus, Denmark, activists set up a tent and gave out clothes and hot soup.

5. Resistance Days, Nordic Days and Organisation Days

The internal national gatherings are always highlights of the year and are extremely important for strengthening the organisation via motivation, knowledge and community. In 2020, a third such weekend was introduced to complement the traditional two, with Resistance Days, Nordic Days and Organisation Days all arranged during the year.

Resistance Days, which was exclusively for the Resistance Movement’s activists and went under the theme of “Street Struggle”, provided practical training, tough physical training and internal information. Organisation Days, with the slogan “An Entity of Iron”, was open to all Resistance Movement members and was bursting with motivational and informative lectures, as well as group projects. Nordic Days included the traditional “Nordic Man of the Year” competition, in addition to a handicraft market and children’s activities like a bouncy castle and kids’ disco. The title of “Nordic Man of the Year” was very deservedly won by Martin Saxlind.

6. The Lund Trials and the video of the year

In 2019, confrontations arose in connection with a public action in Lund. Screaming left-wing extremists pursued the Resistance men through the town, before the comrades finally had enough and struck back. In 2020, the dissidents were put on trial and were convicted of assault in both the district court and the court of appeal.

They were sentenced to prison and fined for defending themselves, the organisation’s honour and freedom of assembly. A fundraiser was started and generated 50,000 SEK in a week to aid the convicted heroes. The fundraiser was launched alongside the year’s most interesting film from the Resistance Movement’s media group:

7. Wilderness record

Activities in the forests and fields have always been an important part of the Resistance Movement’s activities. This type of activity offers community, vital knowledge and a closeness to nature that we believe is crucial for creating strong fighters.

During the year, more focus was placed on wilderness excursions than ever before, and several extremely difficult treks were completed. These included a five-day hike in Sarek, where the participants had to contend with a hurricane on the final day; a testing 24-hour hike in Dalarna without water and a long trek on foot and by canoe in Värmland. From Denmark there was an almost 30-minute film detailing probably the toughest exercise during the year. A video from a similar activity in Sweden’s Nest 1 can be seen below:

8. The Resistance Movement’s new home online

As both the Resistance Movement and Nordfront have grown, it has long become increasingly unsustainable to house both of them on the same website. Nordfront was cluttered, it was difficult to find relevant information about the Resistance Movement and there was no opportunity to expand space for the organisation further. With the websites separated, there is now a huge potential for the two to grow and become even better in the future.

Although this may not seem like a big deal to everyone, I am convinced that Motståndsrörelsen.se is a milestone in the organisation’s history, with a huge amount of work having been put into it.

9. His name was Tommie Lindh

The Nordic Resistance Movement was one of the initiators of a memorial demonstration with speeches in Tommie Lindh’s hometown of Härnösand after he was murdered. Nordfront was also instrumental in defending Tommie Lindh’s name when the establishment tried to defile it, and a great deal of activism was conducted in his honour around the country in 2020. During the year, Tommie Lindh became not only a symbol of the non-white violence affecting Swedes but also for the courage to dare to stand up against it.

10. Mastering Life with Mein Kampf

The year’s biggest book release and a cultural accomplishment of immense proportions was Greenpilled’s publication of Mein Kampf in Swedish. With modernised language and added explanatory footnotes to give the reader as complete an experience as possible, it will most likely also be the most important book release of the decade.

The publication has led to Jimmy Thunlind’s participation on the very popular podcast Kulturarbetarna, where Mein Kampf’s content was discussed in several episodes throughout the year.

Greenpilled also released Anton Holzner’s two very interesting publications Mastering Life and Eternal Front in one book in Swedish.

“Mastering Life – Anton Holzner”

11. Town square meetings in more cities than ever before

In addition to the abovementioned town square meeting in Örebro, the memorial manifestation for Tommie Lindh, the rally outside the Riksdag detailed below under item 15, and the meeting in Norrköping under item 17, there have also been town square meetings held in Nyköping and Kungälv, among others. During the latter, a spontaneous demonstration took place through the immigrant-heavy ghetto of Komarken. Below is a video from another public meeting, on Sergel’s Square in Stockholm:

12. New forms of activism

After actively working in the field of activism for two decades, I am always impressed when our activists find new ways to reach out to the people with our message. In 2020, the art of couping national live radio was taken to new heights with numerous phone calls. In Norway and Denmark, road signs with our messages were produced and placed over regular signs; and in Sweden laser projectors were used to spread our symbol and various messages to the people.

13. Actions against traitors to the people

It shouldn’t be easy to commit malicious acts against our people. Those who act against the people should feel their wrath, and in such cases it’s good that we give the people a helping hand. This type of action happened throughout the year, including against the Strand family in Vellinge, who made a living by importing racially alien rapists; against the net hater Lena Hansson in Kungälv; and against one of the state-paid apparatchiks who earns a living by putting pensioners in prison: Tomas Åberg.

Also worth a mention here – even though it has nothing directly to do with the Resistance Movement – is the fantastic initiative Avmaskerat.com. The site, which translates to “Unmasked”, was launched during the year and works to uncover the identities and activities of left-wing extremists.

14. Nationalist solidarity and a loyal fighter

At the beginning of the year, Freddy Nerman’s newly purchased house was burned to the ground. Nerman started a fundraiser via Swish to cover part of the financial burden he incurred as a result, but his bank, Sparbanken Syd, decided to close down his private bank account – an account he’d had since he was a child and used every month to pay his bills.

In spite of this, more than 100,000 SEK was raised for Nerman, and posters with information about the bank’s actions were put up on several of Sparbanken Syd’s offices in Skåne, which hopefully made some of their customers change banks.

As for Freddy Nerman, he continues to fight with unwavering loyalty!

15. Corona activism

Corona is no doubt what most Svenssons will remember 2020 for, but it also makes it onto the list of the year’s most memorable things for the Resistance Movement, partly on account of the town square rally held at short notice outside the Riksdag in Stockholm, and partly due to the many Corona-related propaganda campaigns conducted around the Nordics. It also led to a Swedish radio experiment with daily news radio broadcasts named Coronabunkern – an educational project that will bring dividends in the future.

16. A legal victory for the Nordic people

Had it not been for the fact that this event was already on the list of 2019’s most memorable things, it would have definitely placed higher on the list for 2020.

It is the acquittal by the Court of Appeal in the so-called Gothenburg Trials, wherein the system attempted to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement from conducting public activism, asserting that whatever we did in the public space would be classified as incitement against ethnic groups due to our political views.

But victory in the trial did not go to the anti-free speech prosecutor but to the Nordic Resistance Movement and the Nordic people, which means that we can continue the advancement of our activities as usual in 2021.

Nordic Resistance Movement defendants at the Gothenburg Trials

17. Actions against paedophiles

During the year, several paedophiles were named and shamed by the Resistance Movement in order to warn families with children living in their areas, and hopefully encourage fathers to act against them in the way they deserve. The most notable actions in this vein were in the municipalities of Kristianstad and Tomelilla, where people were informed about the Centre Party politician Christer Yrjas’s relationship with a convicted paedophile, and during the rally in Norrköping after a young girl had been raped and beaten by a racial stranger.

I also think that the widely reported barricade actions against transsexual story times at various libraries in the Stockholm region are worth mentioning here. Of course I don’t mean that these were linked to paedophilia in any way – as it would be “incitement to racial hatred” to suggest such things.

18. On the march through Berlin

Despite German Corona restrictions, our comrades in Der Dritte Weg succeeded in holding a demonstration in central Berlin under the slogan “The People Want a Future”. And in spite of Nordic Corona restrictions, a delegation of activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement managed to travel down and take part in the successful demonstration. Below is a photo from Fredrik Vejdeland’s speech, which he gave in English and German:

19. Hanged woman-murderer

From the statue on Kungstorget, in central Uddevalla, a doll was hanged with a noose around its neck. The doll depicted a racially alien woman-killer who received the punishment he deserved.

The Resistance Movement deliberately waited to take responsibility for the activity, which led to news of it being widely shared on social media and garnering strong approval from people who otherwise might not have dared express support for it.

20. Black Lives Matter (?) in Umeå

When the left-wing extremist BLM circus came to Umeå, representatives from the Resistance Movement were onsite to document the spectacle. After a while, the activists were recognised and surrounded by masked left-wing extremists, who went on the attack. But the Resistance men defended themselves and avoided injuries despite a large numerical disadvantage. According to reports, a policeman also went tumbling downhill during the fracas when he tried to arrest David Nilsson from the Resistance Movement.

Very well done to everyone who contributed to the realisation of these 20 memorable things from the year by dedicating their time and demonstrating their self-sacrifice!

Another event that will never be forgotten from 2020, but which would not be proper to rank in a list such as this, is the passing of the loyal and hard-working fighter Axel Eriksson from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 6. The current year of struggle – 2021 – is dedicated to his memory.

2021 will seemingly be another year strongly influenced by Corona, with the Resistance Movement’s focus being on sensational and qualitative activism rather than large public actions. Of course, we will also continue to work hard on our internal infrastructure in order to be ready for the day when the Swede has finally had enough of being spat on.

Are you one of those who have already had enough of the madness that is happening in our country and want to stand up as a man or woman and fight for your children and grandchildren’s right to our motherland? Then it’s time to submit your application and join our fighting community today and contribute to a fantastic 2021!