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The Nordic Resistance Movement’s year of struggle in Sweden – 2019


YEARLY REPORT. A complete report detailing the Resistance Movement’s Swedish year of struggle in 2019, including lists of the most active municipalities and the most memorable actions of the year, as well as numerous video clips.

During the year of 2018, we surpassed all conceivable activity records with our intensive election campaign. In early 2019 we stated we were going to change focus to improve our internal and constructive activism, and that the simpler form of basic activism would take a backseat to qualitative public activism. It was thus a given that, for the first time in many years, we would not be as quantitatively active as the year before.

I did promise that ”we will be the most seen and heard political organization in the world vis-a-vis our resources this year too”. I believe we have fulfilled this promise without any doubt!

In 2019, 2,127 activist reports were submitted. In addition to the many major actions we detailed in longer articles rather than activist reports – and also considering that some reports document more than one single activity – the total number of activities performed during the year ends up close to 2,500. Given the change of focus and other challenges and circumstances we had to face during the year, this number can only be regarded as very good.

The activities were carried out in nearly 200 different municipalities and occurred regularly in 70 percent of these municipalities frequently throughout the year.

With well over 150 public actions, and more lectures and internal educational sessions than ever before, we have proven that we have actually increased the number of qualitative and time-consuming actions this year.

In the numbers above, the many hundreds of actions performed in the rest of the Nordics have not been included.

The 20 most active municipalities of 2019, primarily taking into account the quantity but also to some extent the quality of the actions, have thus been:

1. Uddevalla
2. Luleå
3. Trelleborg
4. Norrköping
5. Stockholm
6. Avesta
7. Borås
8. Vellinge
9. Linköping
10. Borlänge
11. Kristianstad
12. Gislaved
13. Värmdö
14. Ludvika
15. Vänersborg
16. Falun
17. Nyköping
18. Gothenburg
19. Ystad
20. Nässjö

Truly excellent work by the industrious members and activists in Uddevalla, who have finally turned a municipality in Nest 2 into the most active one of the year. Well done also to the runners-up in Luleå in Nest 6, a municipality that usually ends up with top scores every year. The members of Trelleborg in Nest 3 have managed to snatch the number 3 spot for the second year in a row as well.

Nest 8 rises up to a stable number 4 in Norrköping and also puts Linköping on the number 9 spot. Stockholm, despite the many hardships Nest 1 has suffered this year, snatches a good ranking at number 5, and Värmdö (part of the same Nest) has also maintained its place in top 20.

The newcomers on the list are Avesta (Nest 5) and Borås (Nest 2), which have sprung out of nowhere to take the number 6 and 7 spots, respectively.

Very well done to all the sympathizers, members and activists who contributed to the work of our struggle and got their native municipalities represented on this glorious list!

As usual, I will also list the most memorable events of the year from the perspective of a Swedish Resistance man, which has been very difficult as there has been so much to choose from as always. Below is the list ranked according to my own opinion:

1. The Nordic worker is glorified in two demonstrations
The Nordic worker was glorified in two simultaneous demonstrations in different cities, in both Ludvika and in Kungälv, under the slogan ”Workers against Globalism – For a Nordic nation!”.

Proud demonstrators led by banners and a sea of Tyr rune flags walked through the central parts of both cities, to the delight of many and the lamentations of others. Despite being intensely counteracted by the establishment actively trying to intimidate people into not attending, two dignified demonstrations were still able to be held, and a total of nine radical, stirring speeches were delivered. EU flags were burned and Reds were beaten back.

Much of the latter took place primarily in Kungälv, since the police – under the leadership of the infamous folk traitor Erik Nord – did their worst job in modern times. The police allowed counter-demonstrators gathered from many countries to openly attack the demonstrators, simultaneously defending the Reds and beating the Resistance men who fought back. Despite the cooperation between the police and the Reds, these skirmishes inflicted more damage to the Reds than us.

In both Kungälv and Ludvika, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of spectators – those not in the ranks of the counter-demonstrators – who were there to try to watch and listen to the Resistance Movement. Livestreams from both demonstrations were watched by more than 30,000 people on the day – despite heavy censorship on YouTube and other websites.

May 1 2019 was a truly successful day for the Nordic Resistance Movement, and it led to many new people becoming interested in the organization and Nordic National Socialism.

2. The most successful Nordic Days ever
After a period of hardships, including an attempted coup in the organization, the Nordic Days event turned out to be more important than ever before. According to many participants, it was one of the best Nordic Days ever.

Despite the defections in the wake of the attempted coup, and also despite the fact that this year’s edition of Nordic Days was not as open to outsiders as in previous years, the number of attendees was roughly the same as the year before. A tough, traditional pentathlon took place. Anders Belfrage (of Nest 2) emerged as the victor and thus won the glorious title of Nordic Man of the Year.

Fiery speeches were held by both myself and Fredrik Vejdeland, and a new tradition was introduced which involved Resistance Movement farmers offering samples of their produce and members displaying their own home-made products. The evening ended with a performance by Henrik Pihlström and a social gathering.

3. Public activities all over the country
With an average of three public activities a week during the year, a place on the list for such actions is clearly warranted. The organization’s activists have stood on streets and squares, outside gallerias and at markets in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro, Helsingborg, Norrköping, Lund, Umeå, Södertälje and Växjö – just to name a few cities.

Speeches have also been held during some of these public actions, which have sometimes been applauded by passers-by stopping to listen. Speeches directed at young people in schools and at the folk traitors in Luleå Municipal Building have also been held.

On December 14 these public actions culminated in nine simultaneous public activities around the country. That same day, public actions were also held in both Norway and Iceland.

4. The first ever public activities in Iceland
Members from all Nordic countries visited Iceland in late summer for a joint week of struggle together with their Icelandic comrades. Socializing, sightseeing, workouts, lectures and activism were all on the schedule that action-packed week. Apart from visiting fantastic scenery, swimming in hot springs and strengthening the ties between Nordic comrades, thousands of leaflets were handed out and tons of stickers were put up.

The first public actions in the history of the Nordic Resistance Movement also took place in central Reykjavik and the town of Akranes, with good results – productive discussions, enormous media attention and new membership applications.

5. The Nordic Resistance Movement enters Copenhagen, Denmark
On April 6 the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, with the help of Swedish and Norwegian comrades, launched the largest post-war nationalist gathering in Copenhagen. This included a spontaneous demonstration with accompanying speeches in the heart of the city.

Despite enormous efforts by the Danish police, the action was carried out almost without problems, and it brought good attention to us and strengthened our morale. This action is clearly one of the most memorable of 2019 and a milestone in the history of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

6. Defeating the system in the Gothenburg trials
Sixteen people, including Pär Öberg and Jimmy Andersson, stood accused of hate speech solely for having participated in the notorious Gothenburg demonstration on September 30 2017.

The trial was extensive and went on for no less than seven days. Among the witnesses were SÄPO analyst Ahn-Za Hagström, a woman using outright lies in a political war against the Nordic Resistance Movement. The whole purpose of the trial was clearly an attempt to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement from demonstrating without needing to restrict the general right to demonstrate.

After sterling work by the defence attorneys, the system wound up losing the fight and all the defendants were acquitted. Unfortunately, some of the defendants were sentenced for violent rioting just for defending themselves and their comrades against violent attacks from the police during the demonstration.

7. More internal and constructive activities than ever before
As previously mentioned, more lectures and internal educational sessions were held in 2019 than in any previous year in the history of the Nordic Resistance Movement. I myself have talked about National Socialism, Martin Saxlind about spectacular actions, Pär Sjögren about labour rights, Jimmy Thunlind about Zionism, Martin Engelin about internet safety and David Nilsson about the Holocaust, just to name a few.

Activist Days have also been held in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Sweden it was under the banner of ”Evolutionary Resistance”, where the new reform dividing the organization’s activities into a member division and an activist division was presented. This reform was launched to make better use of each member’s potential. Furthermore, it was announced that a new Nest had been formed (Nest 8) and that Robert Eklund had joined the National Council.

In 2019, physical workouts and outdoor activities were also arranged in unusually large numbers. In addition to martial arts sessions, activist tests and mile-long hikes, organized activities included baths, skiing, canoeing, rappelling, and survivalist courses in the wilderness.

8. Launch after launch
Many hours of behind-the-scenes work paid off during the year with the launch of the brand new media site Nordiskradio.se. This site became the home of the numerous podcasts produced by the organization’s members, as well as podcasts produced by other nationalists in need of a radio platform.

The organization’s English-language website Nordicresistancemovement.org was also launched. Activity reports and other articles from all over the Nordics are translated on a daily basis and featured on this website.

Several new podcasts debuted this year as well, such as Mimers brunn (Mimir’s Well). A new TV show (Studio Skåne) was also launched, and a new musical artist was introduced.

9. Counter-demonstrations
Activists from the organization have demonstrated against subversive forces many times this year. For example, in Skövde and Ludvika, where we stood up against Pride parades.

In the municipality of Mark, an anti-Swedish torchlight procession was blocked by members sporting activist jackets and a banner. The procession “for human brotherhood” was arranged after encountering propaganda from the Nordic Resistance Movement in the vicinity. Our seven activists made the roughly 200 participants in the anti-Swedish demonstration feel so ashamed that only a quarter of them chose to march on to their destination, where they listened to a speech by a local Social Democrat. The rest of them went home instead.

10. Reds have taken repeated beatings
One two occasions, the Nordic Resistance Movement held public actions in the central parts of the left-wing stronghold of Lund. On both occasions, members of the so-called Left tried to attack the organization’s activists, and on both occasions, the so-called left-wingers took a beating.

Reds were also chased away in conjunction with the trial against the artist Dan Park in Malmö, and also when they tried attacking the winner of the Resistance Movement’s Prize for Civil Courage, Lotta Eriksson, in her apartment in Nyköping.

11. The Mynttorget manifestations
On several occasions, other nationalist public gatherings took place at Mynttorget (the Coin Square) in Stockholm. On no less than three of these, the Nordic Resistance Movement had speakers featured there, and at other times we participated as spectators. At one of these events we silenced Communist counter-demonstrators and made them return home with their tails between their legs.

In speeches by myself, Pär Sjögren and Jimmy Thunlind, we were given the opportunity to reach out to the people of Stockholm in ways that we have not previously been used to, as the police repression wasn’t nearly as extensive as during our own events. It is simply much easier to communicate with people without hundreds of policemen standing in our way.

12. Defying bad weather and other horrors in Almedalen
Almedalen Week was crashed for the third year in a row by a minor Resistance Movement delegation. Speeches were held beside the harbour during the worst weather on Gotland in living memory. Anti-Swedish lectures were also visited in order to verbally confront their representatives. In addition, a counter-demonstration against the pedophile-embracing diversity parade was arranged, using the year’s largest banner.

16-meter-long banner telling people to “Crush the Homolobby”

13. Tyr rune flags at Vasaloppet
Hundreds of thousands of Swedes saw the Nordic Resistance Movement’s flags flutter in the wind at the finish line of the 2019 Vasaloppet on a live broadcast by SVT. Activists also sported a banner visible to the many thousands of people participating in the competition or sitting in the audience. Finally, the action received some extra media exposure thanks to an “anonymous” tip to Expressen.

14. The system ramps up the repression
In 2019 the system has explicitly shown how much they fear our progress. The media continued doxing our members, the police continued harassing our activists and The People’s House continually tried to prevent us from renting premises.

Swedish censorship

The government has tried to ban the Tyr rune, the World Jewish Congress has produced propaganda films about us, and representatives from the Democrats in the American congress have said we should be classified as a terror organization. In Finland the banning of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been pushed through, and the first Norwegian Resistance men ever have been convicted for “expressions of hatred”. Our previous responsible publisher for Nordfront has been convicted, using the rarely invoked law against “illegal depictions of violence”. The Swedish Academy has also sued us, invoking the even more obscure law regarding “protection of the classics” because Nordfront has quoted from the Edda and other writings.

We have run a campaign against this mounting repression, which included handing out leaflets with references to the article I wrote on this subject this year.

15. Struggle in both Greenland and on the Danish mainland
The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been highly active this year and offered us a number of sensational activities. These included an action against a pornography exhibition, a vehicular action along the coast, and a massive school campaign. This year we also saw the first ever actions in Greenland.

16. Everyone is talking about us
The Nordic Resistance Movement is currently a well-known phenomenon and has received attention in many different contexts this year in rather unique and often (but far from always) flattering ways.

SÄPO has been terrified of how much attention we were able to garner in the election campaign, an IT consultant in London has praised us for being able to stave off a knife assault thanks to our training, the mother of an activist told Göteborgs-Posten (The Gothenburg Post) that the Nordic Resistance Movement has made her son become happier, more stable and able to make something of himself, and a police officer admitted on Twitter that the police direct most of their violence towards our activists in particular.

The less flattering thing was that an old hardcore band made their comeback by using homosexual dancers dressed up as our uniformed activists in a music video.

17. Finnish Independence Day
On Finland’s Independence Day on December 6, a traditional nationalist demonstration took place in which the Nordic Resistance Movement participated. Since the National Socialist organization Kohti Vapautta had been banned from organizing the demonstration, Soldiers of Odin did it instead.

For many kilometers through the center of Helsinki, National Socialists and nationalists marched and chanted slogans. At our final destination, speeches were held by me, representatives from Kohti Vapautta, Soldiers of Odin and the German organization Der Dritte Weg.

After the demonstration, the participants joined up with thousands of other patriots in a nationalist torchlight procession heading for the heroes’ cemetery. There torches were lit for those who died during Finland’s struggle for independence against the Soviet Empire.

18. Cleaning up in nature
On a warm autumn day, activists headed to Lund to collect garbage dumped in nature by irresponsible individuals. The garbage was then deposited at the homes of two infamous Swede-haters in the municipality, who were held responsible for filling our country with garbage. Similar actions also took place in Denmark during the year.

19. Campaign for a free North in the EU elections
Voting for the Nordic Resistance Movement in the EU elections was automatically possible because we contested the parliamentary elections in 2018. However, we did not run a campaign for the EU elections and we did not have ballots. Instead we launched the information portal frittnorden.nu and wasted no time in spreading enlightening propaganda about the EU, globalism and what we wish to replace this spectacle with: a free and united North!

For a Free and United North!

20. On the international stage
It was not enough that nationalists from countries such as Great Britain, France, Ukraine, the USA, Germany and Spain participated in events by the Nordic Resistance Movement this year. Our representatives have also been on the scene in Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and France. In both Hungary and Bulgaria, speeches were also held on our account.

Autonomous activism
A number of actions performed by autonomous National Socialists also took place in 2019. We obviously have no idea who these people are, but they do appear to like the Nordic Resistance Movement and seem to be energetic people who are organized over almost all the Nordics. Since I appreciate National Socialist activism, I’m also choosing to highlight the three most memorable actions performed by these talented individuals in this annual report.

1. Hate attacks during Kristallnacht
Reports from almost 20 different municipalities all over the Nordics reached Nordfront concerning pasted and/or painted Stars of David at the homes of well-known Jewish power activists acting subversively against the Nordic people. Different monuments and buildings connected to this movement also received their fair share. The result of this was extensive media attention.

2. Confiscated and destroyed globalist symbols
In conjunction with Europe Day, a flag hunt was initiated, in which a number of globalist symbols were confiscated and destroyed. These symbols included EU flags, EU election placards and advertisements from big multi-national corporations. Reports of these actions emerged from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

3. Hanged pedophiles and folk traitors
Reports reached Nordfront on many occasions this year concerning puppets depicting pedophiles and folk traitors being strung up by nooses in both Sweden and Denmark. This served as a warning about what might happen to those who fall victim to the wrath of the Norsemen.

In the coming year we will continue along the same lines as the year before, being primarily focused on internal education and activities, as well as hopefully maintaining a steady increase in qualitative activism. Basic activism will naturally continue, including in your own municipality. If no one else is doing it, then you should join the organization and help out yourself!

I said in my New Year’s speech that the year 2020 – twenty-twenty – has such a nice ring to it that it simply has to become a truly great year for our cause. I am still very much convinced of that and it bears repeating: 2020 will become a truly great year for our cause.

Let us make it clear from the very beginning that this will be the National Socialist decade. Hold on to your yarmulke, Soros, because here we go!